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Minamur Chowdhury and AiPath's e-Learning History

Minamur Chowdhury

Minamur Chowdhury, M.A. in Ed. Tech. (U.B.C.) worked for Japan’s System Core Co., Canada's Corel Corporation and NORTEL Networks in Ottawa, Ontario, later for INTEL Corporation (Hillsboro, Orgeon) in associated with AiPath. As a student in Japan, he needed to learn the Japanese vocabulary. So he developed a software program to teach himself Japanese vocabulary using an old NEC PC.

Being a foreign student at a Japanese University (Fukuoka, Kyushu) in the early 1980's, Mr. Chowdhury developed a program to teach himself Japanese Vocabularies. This software also taught English Vocabularies to Japanese students. The software became so popular that Mr. Chowdhury started to teach English to his Japanese class mates, earning part of his tuition fee and living expenses while at University. Mr. Chowdhury referred the software as his "Master Ai".

The "Master Ai" was re-developed in 1989, and was utilized by students who were preparing for the Government regulated Step Tests for English as a second language and business language in Japan. Recognized by most Japanese Companies and organizations to test a student’s and an employee’s knowledge of using English. The software was presented to a Tokyo trade show by Core Corporation of Tokyo, Japan and earned positive reputations.

In 1995, Mr. Chowdhury worked with Corel Corporation, Nortel Networks, lately with IntelĀ® Corporation and continued to work on the "Master Ai" software. Mr. Chowdhury registered his own business, AiPath Technologies on March 4th 1999 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. During this period a successful version of "Master Ai" was developed on a MacIntosh platform and renamed "AiMaster 1.0". That version was specifically created for children with learning disabilities, allowing them to improve their spelling abilities.


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AiMaster 1.0 was presented at the "Learning Disability Association" of Ottawa as a trial version by a association member. In particular, to assist students with Dyslexia and other ADD (Attention Disorder Disabilities) problems. The parents of such children responded positively and asked AiPath to develop a PC version of this software. In October 1999 AiPath came up with "AiMaster 1.2". This drew attention and praise by Ottawa's "Line1000", an organization dedicated to job development for the handicapped community in the Ottawa area.

In the year 2000, Mr. Chowdhury went to India and Bangladesh and helped establish "AiPath Bangladesh Ltd.", which is now a SUN certified Educational centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company then created one of the first Business Portal sites in Bangladesh.

On June 27th, 2000 AiPath Technologies Inc. was incorporated separately in Vancouver, Canada. AiPath was mainly engaged in serving small and medium sized businesses in the Vancouver area, working on the development of B2B sites while doing research and development on AiPDM (Artificial Intelligence Product Data Management) and AiMaster 2.0 (A powerful XML based eLearning and Corporate Training Solution).


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